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Hello, my name is Justin Kelley I am a junior journalism major at Northern Illinois University. Through the semester I will be blogging about how athletes receive special treatment from diffrent areas of society. Though the blog will be more centered around how athletes get lessened punishments compared to people who work a regular job may get treated.

I choose to blog about this topic because when I was in grade school and in high school, I saw kids who were on sports teams get away with bullying. For example one time these two boys put barbeque in this girls hair. One of the boys was the star center for the schools basketball team and the other was just a regular trouble maker. Also choose to blog about this because of the OJ Simpson trial and how he looked like a hero after being acquitted of murder. Though majority of the evidence pointed at OJ, but still was viewed as a good that was being drug through the mud.

I will include articles to back up my claims of these instances from when they had happen in diffrent areas.

I’m very excited to blog about this topic because I find it very interesting that athletes receive this  special treatment and the same struggle to understand why it’s still a problem today.

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