It’s only for me I swear Judge (Wink,Wink)

If your not a huge fan of the NBA or the University of Cincinnati basketball program you might not now the name Corie Blount. If you do that’s great and you might know his story, but you don’t get ready for wild and bumpy ride.

Blount was born and raised in Monrovia, California which is located in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains of the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County. Blount would go on to become a star player at Monrovia High School and play at Santa Ana University for two years.

Blount then transferred to the University of Cincinnati and helped the Bearcats reach the Final Four in 1992 and the Elite Eight in 1993. He then was selected by the Chicago Bulls with their 25th first round pick in the 1993 NBA Draft

For the most part Blount’s career was mediocre as he only averaged 3.6 points and 4.2 rebounds per game in his 11 year career. It wasn’t till after his time in the NBA he became famous.

On December 28 2008, Blount was arrested for possessing 29 pounds of marijuana at his Cincinnati home. According to the police report, they intercepted a package with 11 pounds of marijuana heading to the residence, then later police found another 18 pounds inside. Police also confiscated $29,000 of cash, three vehicles and three guns.

Blount was released on a $10,090 bond and charged with a felony drug possession. According Unites Press International, Blount’s attorney came out and said that the Marijuana was for his personal use and friends.

This was not the first time Blount found himself in trouble with the law, in 1997 the Los Angeles Times reported that he was arrested for a $10,000 traffic warrant. The warrant was issued back in 1991 after failed to appear for a suspended license. He then was bailed out jail and it all went away, which seems to be normal in every case like that.

In the 2008 case it was a completly diffrent story, Blount originally was expected to get the maxium sentence for drug traffing of ten-years in federal prison. That changed when he accepted a plea deal of two felony possession charges to avoid drug trafficing charges.

The deal lowered his sentence to one year in prison and had to pay a $10,000 fine with 250 hours of community service. Which baffles some because during the sentencing of Blount, Judge Craig Hedic did not buy the story of personal use.

According to UPI, Hedic went on to say to Blount “Cheech and Chong would of had a hard time smoking that much.”

Which shows that the judge looked the other way when it came time to throw the book at him but did not because of him being a Athlete.

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