No means NO!

Lawrence Taylor did a lot of great things on the football field in his 13 year career as New York Giant. Taylor help the Giants win two super bowls and along the way had nine All-Pro seasons with the team.

In 1986, arguably his best season Taylor won the NFL’s Most Valuable Player award after recording 20.5 tackles at the linebacker position. Then in 1993, Taylor called it quits after noticing a decrease in his production.

After he retired Taylor was voted to the 75th All-NFL team and in 1999 he voted in to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Then in 2010, his world came crashing down after The New York Times reported that Taylor was charged with third-degree rape and soliciting prostitution of a minor. Taylor would go onto deny that he had any sexual contact with the girl.

The New York Times also reported that if Taylor was convicted the maximum time would revive would be six years combined for both charges. Though none of that happened as Taylor pled to guilty to misdemeanors of sexual misconduct and patronizing a prostitute.

Which led to Taylor only receiving six months probation and was put on a low-risk sex offender list.

Which still seems a bit light for sexual misconduct, according to in New York the minimum sentence for sexual assault is at least one to two years of jail time. Though that might be for people with mutiple offenses but it makes no sense that he got nothing for a crime.

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